Rising Fuel Costs - The Solution

Motoring has never been so costly, with the ever increasing price of petrol the best way to reduce the effects is to make sure that your motorcycle is running as efficiently as possible.

The key areas to check are as follows:


Spark plug condition, carb/throttle body synchronisation and vitally important, the air filter age/condition. All of these cause inefficient running and will increase petrol consumption if not serviced regularly.

WHEEL ALIGNMENT (on adjusters)

Poor chain and sprocket lubrication and tension, incorrect tyre pressures (When did you last check yours?) Correct laser alignment and tension and a quality lube on the chain can reap big rewards.


Motorcycle brakes, by their design don’t mix well with salted roads and can become corroded and drag if not regularly stripped, cleaned, polished and lubricated.

If you require advice or fancy discussing a set up for your motorcycle – give Paul a ring on: 023 92 384101 or 07760 178 178 between 9am - 6pm Monday to Saturday

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